FAQs about Proto

What is Proto?
Proto is a subscription service you can use to access popular websites that support the Proto pass system. Proto makes it easy to post. Valid only on participating websites.

How do I use Proto?
After you subscribe to Proto, click on My Account at the top of the page. You will be taken to your account dashboard. This shows all the products you have purchased, including your Proto membership. Members may be provided with additional resources through member-only content.

Next, visit the participating web site that accepts Proto membership access. You may need to create separate login credentials on their website before accessing their content. The participating web site verifies your membership before access.

You can also renew or cancel your subscription from the My Account page.

How do I acquire Proto?
Visit the Proto product page on our store. Click the Subscribe Now button to start the checkout process. The cost for subscription to Proto is $5.00 per month. We are offering a free trial period for you to use Proto and see how you like it. Your full subscription amount will not be billed until the trial period ends. There is a small charge (10 cents) to verify your payment method before accessing your free trial.

You can even buy memberships for your friends who may not have a credit card.

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